Happy Halloween - Artistic Shoot München

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light...
~Nicholas Gordon

Halloween - All Hallow's Eve.... Tonight I leave you with personal work - definitely something a little different. A series of images that were created on a spontaneous creative whim with my dear friends Mayra Franco and Zuzanna Grabias at Deutsches Theatermuseum München.
Thank you dear Nadina & Zuza for being such beautiful and perfectly creepy models!

During the shoot we were spooked a few times ourselves in this dark, empty old building and I think that comes across a little in the photos I took and feels appropriate for a day like today.
Happy Halloween Everyone. Bring a torch with you and don't let any pumpkins bite xxx

Shot on Mamiya, Ilford and Kodak Film - Developed and scanned by

If you like to see more of our joint work, you can always visit The Window at Odeonsplatz UBahn Station in Munich!