I am 39, I am a mum, I am no model, I eat too much chocolate and bread sometimes and I hate working out - and I have hidden from the camera most of my life. There are hardly any pictures of me with my children. How very sad is that?

I don't care if you're 15 or 90 - I don't care about wrinkles or wobbly bits -
you are a woman and you are BEAUTIFUL!
I want to let your soul shine through your eyes and create images of you that you and your loved ones will treasure forever because they show the real you.
I don't want to call this a "makeover" shoot. Because I do not want to change you. Let's call it EMPOWERMENT.

I cannot wait to meet you, spend time with you and create the most beautiful photographs of yourself, that you have ever seen.

Not every woman is the type that wants to wear make-up. I do however encourage you to book a stylist to make you feel extra special. You can book one of my recommendation at a special rate via me.
Get in touch so we can talk about these details and find out what style of shoot suits you!

all hair & makeup styling in these images was done by the wonderful Hajs-ajs