You are unique. And that's what makes you YOU!
All women who trust me to take intimate, sensual portraits of them, are nervous about their bodies at first.
No matter their age, shape, size...
A shoot like this is a little bit like a therapy to help you see your body in a new way.

It's totally ok to feel sexy and to love yourself!
It's mandatory to go out into the world, feeling strong and empowered!

That's what I want for you.
The shoot will be fun and emotional and I will photograph you in the most beautiful way, the way I see you.
You get to be playful, and sensual and sexy. We will show all these sides of you because no woman is just the one thing.

After a few frames have been taken, all the girls feel so comfortable in front of the camera, they even forget that they are kinda naked.
And the best thing is, you will have a super hot gift for your partner too!

Please contact me with any concerns or questions!
I will not show any images online if you do not agree in writing first!
We can shoot in my studio, outdoor or maybe even in your home if it is suitable. And if you like, you can bring your partner along for some sexy couple shots too!