Autumn Love Shoot

Miriam and Daniel - an anniversary love shoot

I so told you before that autumn is my favourite season right?
In my perfect world I would live the whole year in autumn.
I love the way the air smells of ripe fruit and mowed fields.
I love the light – in any weather.
There is so much beautiful light around before winter comes… it’s giving me itchy fingers because I want to do nothing but shoot all the time.

Then there is also this peace because you know evening comes sooner.
Time to read a book, drink tea, do some knitting….
Oh yes and show you some photos that were created in my favourite season.

Here is one of many many shoots.
A love shoot – Miriam and Daniel. Dream team deluxe – and so in love. Pure bliss for me to work with.

And if you ever need music for your event – don’t look any further. I got them right here for you: Miriam & Daniel