Carmencita meets Valencia 2017

"...and then she knew that you could become homesick for people too."

last month I spent 5 amazing days in Valencia, Spain. A meet-up for film-photographers organised by my beloved Carmencita Film Lab Family.
They truly are like extended family - once you meet them you won't ever want to leave!
So I am kinda speechless really and still processing everything that happened in such a short time.
But mostly I am grateful.
Grateful for
laughing so hard, that I cried every day.
nobody finding it weird when you aimlessly wander the streets in the middle of the night just to finish a roll of Cinestill.
English spoken in so many different accents.
sharing a room with a wise Russian girl.
cooking Paella and Sangria like a pro - even though slightly drunk so we can't remember really how to but never forget the fun.
Orange trees galore.
food food food
wine wine wine
Valencia at night - feels like a sleeping film-set.
walking for hours and finding beauty everywhere.
all the different cameras.
all the different creativity.
finding out that no matter how successful somebody is, we all seem to have the same worries to overcome.
disagreeing but liking each other anyway.
spending time by the sea.
feeling so alive.
kind kind kind people.

Carmencita Family - you have created pure MAGIC. I'll be forever grateful!