my summer in photographs

"Summer’s filled with breaking the rules,
standing apart, ignoring your head,
and following your heart. .."

Summer is high season for photographers yet it is supposed to be the time you go on vacation with your family and enjoy lots of fun quality time together outside....
Vacation was a total no go for me this year as I was booked every weekend for shoots.
I tried to make the most of the weekdays we had together.
Our Summer was hotter than ever, we visited a medieval festival in Burghausen, we swam in icy rock-pools in the alps, we made a cosy camp in our garden,  to look at the meteor showers, we had campfires and ate way too many marshmallows.... it was a good summer.
Sometimes I took a camera with me. I am glad I did - to remember some of these moments of the summer before they turn too big to have fun with their mum....

All images shot on various Kodak films, developed and scanned by myCarmencitaFilmLab